How to Make The Most Out Of Your Morning’s

Once we have kids our whole world is transformed. It’s no longer how it used to be. We adapt our lives around the little one’s. Our morning routine’s now revolve around our children. Long gone are the days of lie-ins. We now have little people relying and depending on us!
Sometimes things can get a bit chaotic in the morning’s and a sense of overwhelment comes upon us. It does with me anyway! I have three boys, yelling at me ‘mum he hit me!’, ‘mum where’s my socks?’, ‘mum i need some money today; I’m going out with my mates?!’ Argh!, sometimes I just  want to press a reset button, if there was such a thing!

Starting my day out rushed and stressed; set’s the tone for my whole day. It changes my attitude towards my family and makes a difference to my productivity level’s.

Here I share with you some tips on how you can make your morning’s that little bit easier;


Starting your day off with Fajr; the dawn prayer. Fajr prayer in Islam ensures that we begin the day with light and with life. This equates to positive energy and the presence of God’s angels. The early morning sets the tone and energy for the entire day, and by beginning the day in the best possible way, in prayer and meditation, this spiritual practice will bless your entire day with barakah and noor, blessings and light.

Clean the house before bed;

Waking up to a clean house is a head start to the day. It set’s the tone. No more waking up to a pile of dishes in the sink or tripping over some scattered toy’s, left the night before. It kind of lifts my mood and I have 1 less thing to do!

Meal prep;

If it’s the pack lunches that need to be done- do them the night before; it makes life sooo much easier! Also planning ahead of time what you want to cook the next day helps. This takes the guess-work out and you have one less thing to worry about. Simply taking the chicken out to thaw or meal preping gives you more time to run errands or do whatever it is you want/need to do.

Pick clothes out the night before;

Picking out the clothes and laying them clear in sight for yourself and the kids saves running about in the morning- less chaos!

Getting enough sleep;

Sleep is essential and getting as much of it, is crucial and impacts how we function the following day. If you’ve got a baby, try to nap when baby naps- little bouts of sleep does help. 

Have Breakfast;

Waking up early enough to have a cup of coffee and eating a nutritious breakfast is a good kick-start in the morning.

Everything’s going to be OK;

With children, most morning’s are going to be difficult! Let’s be honest here, I mean running around catering to everyone’s need’s is not an easy job, but it’s got to be done. Just tell yourself that it’s OK to have “those day’s”- just don’t let it impact the rest of your day.

These books are great self-help book’s to becoming more productive in our day-to-day lives; The Productive Muslim is the perfect book to lead a faith productive life.   Morning Routine: How to make up with increased energy and ready to achieve your goals is a book  on actionable information on how to create a morning ritual to wake up more energized and to achieve your goals.

I hope you have found this post to be beneficial and helpful. I’d love to hear how you make the most out of your morning’s…




You’ve tolerated the days whining’s and sibling rivalry, but then you trip over some toys lying in the hallway (which you have asked to be cleared away for the 100th time!). You try not to yell and bite your tongue. Your trying your best to be a more patient parent. 

It can be easy to lose your temper at this stage (after all were only human!) We try to be more patient with our kids everyday but just end up yelling at them and then end up feeling guilty about how we’ve just handled the situation. Then it all starts again! 

We want to be more patient with our children and set a good example- don’t we?   

You see, children tend to copy what they see and not what they hear. And we know that!

I have listed 3 steps to becoming a more patient parent and to try and keep our cool. 

  1. Take time out for you. 

This is so essential because as mothers we are always giving and tend to put our needs on the back burner. Taking the time out to do something you love, like a hobby, go out with friends, book yourself at the salon, go for a walk or simply just read a book alone can do wonders to fill up your tank. I call it refueling! Taking care of me- not only helps me not yell at my kids so much, but also makes me a happier, calmer and more loving parent. Remember you can’t “pour from an empty cup”. 

2.  Check up on your emotions.

We tend to bottle things up and sweep it under the carpet, but by doing this we’re bound to yell at our kids. Personal triggers like feeling tired, exhausted, overweight, marital problems, money issues are some of the triggers that can set you off. Facing and dealing with these emotions and issues can do wonders to your mental and emotional state. Simply talking to a friend or writing a daily diary of what and why your feeling this way can help you identify the underlying issue. Writing in itself is a form of therapy. I have an extra tip for you that works for me. Grab a pen and paper and write about the first thing that come’s to mind and just keep writing away, then after I simply rip. It’s like a list of issues you had in your head are somewhat eased by visually seeing it on paper and throwing it away. It’s like writing a shopping list. I find this so therapeutic and it helps me to de-stress.

3. Exercise.

I know this sounds cliché but it’s true. Excercise releases endorphins and helps de-stress. It’s a good way to let all those pent up feelings and emotions out and release the happy hormones. We need more of them! 

Remember how we react to a situation is completely in our hands. Yelling at our kids may get the response we want at that time but what are we teaching our kids? That shouting will get you what you want? 

Believe in yourself and hopefully with implementing the steps above you can become a more patient parent. We’re not perfect, we’re only human. As long as you are trying your best, your already there! 

I’d love to hear what other ways mothers use to becoming more of a patient parent? 


We all sometimes face a general state of worry and get anxious before we do something challenging or new. These feelings are normal and can enhance our productivity. 

Anxiety is considered a problem when it interferes in our daily functioning and habits. It also interrupts our sleep and often people with anxiety suffer from insomnia. Anxiety is when a reaction is out of proportion from the situation at hand. It is constant worry and a feeling of lurking doom of the worst possible thing happening in any given situation. 

  1. It’s paralyzing 
  2. It feels as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You feel suffocated. 
  3. Even though we look OK on the outside, our anxiety is wrecking havoc on the inside. 
  4. You can’t just stop worrying. There is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch. 
  5. It’s totally possible to have social anxiety and be a raging extrovert. 
  6. Saying you will be fine doesn’t help. 
  7. Just because I can’t explain the feelings causing my anxiety, doesn’t mean them less valid. 
  8. I don’t always know why I’m anxious. 
  9. All the logic in the world won’t keep my heart from hammering in my chest. 
  10. My mind is my enemy, so I need you on my side. Sometimes I need you to fight alongside me. 

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, this list can help you with a glimpse of those living with anxiety and hopefully assure you that your not alone, even though you may think that your the only one feeling like this. It’s best to talk to someone and reach out. You are not alone. 



  1. Keep it clean- Wash your face morning and night as dirt gets trapped in pores and the surface of the skin, which then leads to breakouts and zits. I make my own cleanser which takes a minute and does wonders for my skin. Mix 1 teaspoon honey with raw milk. You will obtain a fine lotion which you then apply evenly and gently to your skin. Massage this in for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I have normal skin and this method has worked for me by brightening my skin and removes oil from the face. Perfect for both normal and oily skin. 
  2. Moisturize- this is so important! The skin goes through so much during the day that we need to keep it hydrated and protected. I use a moisturizer that has 15spf. It is so crucial to protect your skin from the sun as without sunscreen skin is going to be prone to wrinkles from free radicals. Find out whether you are normal, oily or dry skinned. Moisturizers for dry skin are generally petroleum or oil-based. Oily skin calls for a water-based moisturizer. It should also be noncomedogenic to prevent your pores from clogging.                   Normal skin also needs a water-based moisturizer, but one which contains some oils, though much less than dry skin needs.       Sensitive skin needs a moisturizer with medicinal or soothing properties. Look for moisturizers with chamomile or aloe, but stay away from those with fragrances, dyes, or acids.
  3. Exfoliatate- Pores get larger when they are filled with dirt. Exfoliating a few times a week will do wonders to your skin. I make a home made one. I mix baking sofa with water to form a paste then rub it on my face and leave for 2-3 mins. Baking soda is just the right size to act as a gentle exfoliant, and it can also help to clear up acne.
  4. Drink plenty of water- As well as having other multiple benefited for us, water moisturizes your skin, keeping it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Gets rid of wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment around! I know it’s easier said than done.  I find carrying a water bottle with me, reminds me to keep myself hydrated. 
  5. Don’t sleep with your makeup on!- We all know how important this is but sometimes after a stressful day dismiss this and end up sleeeping with makeup on overnight. Sleeping with makeup on, clogs the pores, leading to spots, dull skin and larger pores. So I find the quickest way to do this is with wipes. 
  6. Eating berries- Berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, plus they have a low glycemic index so they won’t raise your blood sugar. Because sugar can stimulate a breakout, eating berries will reduce the risk of pimples.   
  7. Exercise- Exercising helps us stay healthy and aids in clear skin by sweating out toxins from our bodies.      Just 15 mins a day can make a huge difference in our lives. There are many home workouts that you can easily implement into your life. I will be sharing some of my workouts on an upcoming blog. 

Thanks for reading. If you have benefited from my post then please feel free to share by clicking the share button! Sharing is caring! 

My Road Trip Holiday in Morocco! 


I’m currently in Morocco- with my hubby and three boys. I’m having a lovely time exploring and going on road trips to witness the lovely nature Morocco has to offer. It’s so far been an amazing experience. Words cannot describe the breathtaking views I have seen!

It’s a must see for anyone into exploring new cultures and siteseeing. We’re renting a car and exploring nearby cities around Tangiers, stopping off at souks, beaches, historic places and are in awe of the breathtaking scenery, which we just have to stop and admire.  The kids are loving Morocco and learning alot about the Moroccan culture as well as enjoying the daily adventure’s. I can tell you that I am surely making memories and most of all feeling ALIVE! 

Here I am having a little moment reflecting  😉

My 3 boys posing outside a Moroccan palace 


Yummy crepe breakfast in Fnideq- Morocco

Street fruit seller… we loved stopping for fruits on the way. 

Cheeky monkey.. 


Ways to get children to love reading the Quran

Instilling the love of Quran in your child is a blessing that will benefit your child both in the Dunya and Akhira. And God willing help to raise a righteous Muslim, that will be also a blessing for you as a parent, as this hadith states:

Abu Qatadah, rahimahullah, reported that Allah’s Messenger, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said:

“The best that a man can leave behind after his death are three things: a righteous child who makes du’a for him, an ongoing sadaqah whose rewards continue to reach him, and a knowledge that continues to be implemented after him.”

Ibn Majah, and others. Verified to be sahih by Al-Mundhiri and Al-Albani

Its not always easy to get your child interested especially with so many distractions around, so here are some ways to help get your child to love reading the Quran:

Start early on:

I mean as soon as you’ve found out that your pregnant! The sooner the better, as this will not only get yourself in a regular routine (if your not regularly doing so) but your baby can hear sounds from 18 months on… so what better time to start before your baby enters the duniya? Also when your baby is born you can continue at specific time of the day or at nap time instead of a lullaby. That way you will bring a sense of calmness and your baby will soon associate the Quran with peace and calmness.

Whoever recites the Qur’an, memorizes it, accepts its halal (lawful things) as halal and haram (forbidden things) as haram (i.e. his beliefs in these matters are correct), Allah, the Exalted, will enter him to Paradise and accept his intercession on behalf of ten such persons of his family upon whom entry into Hell has become incumbent (i.e. Allah will forgive them because of his intercession).”
(Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Darimi).

Teach the meaning of the a Holy Quran:

As your child gets older its important that you teach them the meaning of the Quran, the beauty, stories and miracles. By learning the verses behind what they are reciting will also help hem memorize the Ayat’s.

On the day of Resurrection a crown of such brilliance will be placed on the heads of the parents of one who learnt the Qur’an and practiced on its laws, that its glitter will outshine the brilliance of the sun which penetrates your houses. What then do you think will be the position of the one who himself learnt the Qur’an and acted in accordance with it?
(Ahmad, Abu Dawud).

We are all role models to our children. Children imitate what you do and not what you tell them to do. Mirror what you want your child to do and be the best version of you. And the most important of all is the power of Dua! Dua from a mother is never rejected. Make sujood to Allah and pour your heart out to him. We are going through hard times and there is so much fitna for this generation. Our duty and responsibility as a parent is to ensure we give the right head start for our children and the best head start is to Instill the Love of Allah.


Why We Love Mum?

Why we love mum?

Our mums have literally done everything for us. From giving birth to us to helping us through our teenage angst and 20-something drama, mums are the foundation of our families. But it’s not often that we recognize just how important they are in our lives, even as adults.

So, we decided to take some time out to give you a few reasons to start showing your mum you love her. After all, you’ll only ever have just the one mum and one family, it’s time to start acting like it.

Reason #1: The many life lessons they’ve taught you. Whether they gave you advice about how to handle relationships or what major to choose, you’ve learned a lot from your mum.

Reason #2: Mums always know what to say to put a smile on your face. No one else can make you feel better when you’re sick or down quite like your mum. They know you better than anyone, and nurtured you to health countless times.

Reason #3: Your mum is your number one fan! Every other member of your family is preoccupied with their own life, but not your mother. She will listen to every detail of your life and love you no matter what.

No matter what you go through in life, your mum will always be right by your side to pick you up when you are down. Show your mum you love her, and build a better connection with her and your family. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading!