My Road Trip Holiday in Morocco! 


I’m currently in Morocco- with my hubby and three boys. I’m having a lovely time exploring and going on road trips to witness the lovely nature Morocco has to offer. It’s so far been an amazing experience. Words cannot describe the breathtaking views I have seen!

It’s a must see for anyone into exploring new cultures and siteseeing. We’re renting a car and exploring nearby cities around Tangiers, stopping off at souks, beaches, historic places and are in awe of the breathtaking scenery, which we just have to stop and admire.  The kids are loving Morocco and learning alot about the Moroccan culture as well as enjoying the daily adventure’s. I can tell you that I am surely making memories and most of all feeling ALIVE! 

Here I am having a little moment reflecting  😉

My 3 boys posing outside a Moroccan palace 


Yummy crepe breakfast in Fnideq- Morocco

Street fruit seller… we loved stopping for fruits on the way. 

Cheeky monkey.. 



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