Hello gorgeous! 

Welcome to my online sanctuary of women empowerment, from motherhood, inspiration, lifestyle, deen, fashion, fitness, health and beauty. An all round blog for the Modern Woman. 




Authentic living for women for being authentically you! 


I am a mother first and foremost to three boys. An online entrepreneur. A Nursery Nurse by profession. I’m half English, half Moroccan, from Manchester and currently living in London (for now anyway!). I was living in Dubai for about a year, I go there often as part of my family are living there.
Just being myself no matter what I went through. Life is a journey and I’m just being me.

Want to know more…?  I love travelling, I’ve been travelling since the age of 6! (JET LAGGED) I love my religion, yummy food, double espresso, comfy beds, nice hotels, perfumes, travelling abroad- holidays.. YES!, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty, Nature, the beach, reading, and most rewarding of all- being a mother ❤️ 

I’ve started this blog called the artful muslimah to link to other mums and women in sharing and discussing my experiences as a mother, my travels, parenting, fashion, health and fitness tips, wellbeing and business advice… and anything else I fancy to share with my fello women and mummies around the globe!

May Allah keep us on the straight path. Ameen

Here is my Email for any enquiries artfulmuslimah@gmail.com



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